Day Fourteen: So Much Work

My goodness, friends, so much work. Blogging for Genderplayful and Fermented Adventures and Tor, stories for so many places. Websites abound and must be updated. Today Steven and I started looking for apartments. This weekend I present at RUCKUS (I have given my tickets out but you should still get one for yourself Рuntil tomorrow!) and next week I will think about new ways to make money. Perhaps I will sell smut again. I was briefly good at that, once upon a time.

My presentation for RUCKUS is about practical strategies for dealing with burnout. I am trying to make something snappy and fun that is also genuinely useful for people like me, people who do burn out every once and a while. My notes so far say, “Self-care. Calm the hell down. If you won’t take it from me, take it from yourself. Ask for help. Ask for help.” Once I have a real outline, I will ask for additions from you, friends.

P.S. I hope to write in full about how amazing issue 3 of 24 became, and how grateful I am to every single person who helped to make it happen. Click:

Meanwhile, good night.

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  1. Aida says:

    i’d love to see that. maybe ian will have to give me details. :) is a pretty sweet blog. slash i have a self-care dropbox for my job. i’m trynna put nice stuff in it. :)


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