I’m Giving Away 2 Tickets to RUCKUS NYC

I’m very happy to say that I’ll be presenting at RUCKUS NYC at the end of this month, September 29th at Cooper Union. RUCKUS is an independent arts conference and concert, being created by twenty-four contributors Kevin Clark and Victoria Nece, along with their friend Zach Herchen, and it looks amazing.

It’ll be a conference all about the new experiences of artists, especially artists putting their work online, and about practical strategies for those of us trying to build our careers in the arts today. The speaker lineup besides myself is fucking marvelous. (In case you’re interested, I am going to speak about ways of dealing with burnout, based upon personal experience.)

Best of all! The whole day caps off with a concert performance. Many talented people will rock out. I will sit in the audience and cheer.

If you can, I highly recommend attending. Buy tickets on their Kickstarter! Seriously, go look at their page. Watch their infomercial; it has a mop that chops garlic.

RUCKUS looks to be a day of connections, smart conversations, great music and community. The talent and dedication of the organizers cannot be overstated. I am thrilled to be involved.

I really want this day to go tremendously, and I want the people I meet there to be excited and interesting.

And I know that sometimes we look at conference tickets and say, “Oh shit, that looks stellar but I can’t afford it.” I know I have done that many, many times. RUCKUS is priced in a way that’s fairly accessible ($75 for the full day, conference + concert). Sometimes you just don’t have the extra $75 to give. At the moment I am very lucky and privileged to say that I do, but as a presenter I was going to walk in the door anyway.

So! Announcement:

I have purchased two tickets to RUCKUS, and I would like to give them away. Please help me do this.

Here’s the deal:

The giveaway is open to anyone working in a creative field who is excited by the conference, and who could not otherwise afford to attend. I am not going to police this; I am going to trust that the people who enter are people who need the tickets.

You don’t have to be in NYC to enter, but I don’t have travel costs or hosting costs to offer, so please do take that into consideration. The venue is accessible via public transit, and maybe if someone wins who’s from out of town we could get up a roomshare, or something like that.

In order to enter, send an email to me (saraeileen@gmail.com) with your name, a brief description of your creative work, and (ideally but not necessarily) a link to a portfolio or other examples of work you’ve done. Entries are due by midnight on Sunday, September 23rd.

Winners will be chosen at random and contacted by Monday evening, September 24th. Two winners, one ticket each.

If you can buy a ticket, I think you should. As I said, it will be stellar. Ticket sales close on the 26th, and the conference will be the 29th. Awesomeness will ensue.

Here is that link for ticket sales again.

If you already have a ticket, you plan to buy one, or you can’t attend, please help me spread the word on this! Send this post along to anyone who you think might be interested.

Thank you! Let’s cause a ruckus together. I can’t wait.

(All images / gifs are from the RUCKUS tumblr.)

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