People! Rose! Again!

Which one would be the other Rose? I’m not sure. They’re both pretty fantastic.

Meanwhile, Kickstarter continues to rise (seriously, thank you), and I am plotting the ways in which I will pile futons and pillows into the studio space and make all of my contributors little nests to work in.

Contributors to issue one of twenty-four magazine
presented in no particular order
singing its heart our with Rose Ginsberg

Rose’s official bio:

Rose Ginsberg

Rose Ginsberg is an NYC-based stage director who enjoys political theatre, experimental music theatre, classic plays, and everything in between. Favorite directing credits include Ethan’s People (Midtown International Theatre Festival, nominated for 4 awards; Manhattan Theatre Source); Hourglass (Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Winner, Best Playwriting Short Form; Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA; Variations Theatre Group Harvest One-Act Play Festival, Finalist, Best Play); Jean Anouilh’s Antigone (Manhattan Repertory Theatre), and numerous new one-act plays for ESPA’s Detention series (Jimmy’s No. 43). Rose is an artistic associate at the Looking Glass Theatre, where she has helmed more than 10 productions, including Ready, Set, Story!: How Katie Saved the Sneaky Spider’s Tales, The Taming of the Shrew, and benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues (2007, 2011) and A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer (2010, upcoming 2012) for Eve Ensler’s V-Day Campaign. Her work has also been seen at the Flea Theatre, ArtHouse, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Dixon Place, the Brooklyn Heights Public Library, Central Park, and the High Line. Rose is a graduate of Barnard College and a student at Primary Stages’ Einhorn School of Performing Arts.



Rose and I haven’t seen one another regularly since college, and I think that is a shame. Once, for a show of hers when we were both undergrads, I failed to find a black suit with yellow pinstripes. Instead, we decided to paint pinstripes onto a plain black suit, consequently covering me in yellow paint and sending Rose into fits of delighted giggling. To this day I wonder what happened to that suit.

Similar to Elissa’s work on the Skryker, that production was so clearly the result of a talented director delving deep into their library of works to try and find something new. The show was The Coronation Voyage. And similar to Elissa, Rose is a stunningly talented director who is wonderful to work with. She is opinionated, gleeful, wise and feisty. Not feisty in the way of small children who want their way; feisty in the way of a decisive woman who knows the kind of world she wants to live in, and will see that world come to life, damnit.

This afternoon I saw Rose’s most recent show at the Looking Glass Theater. The show was A Memoir, A Monologue, A Rant And A Prayer, a performance to benefit V-Day and raise funding for organizations in New York working to end violence against women. Twelve performers in a black box theater, simple words and a cause. Hard topics, rape and violence and systemic oppression and war, handled deftly and presented in turns with gentle feeling and outright rage. I cried. I haven’t cried so much at a show in years.

During the curtain call the actors raised their hands and clapped to Rose in booth above our heads, cheering, and she waved and clapped right back.

If that wasn’t enough, Rose can sing like nobody’s business. How much singing will we do in the magazine? I don’t know. I hope at least a little, in celebration.

I reconnected with Rose a year ago at a friend’s live band karaoke birthday party, and watched from the audience awestruck as she nailed a song I don’t even remember.  It’s not just that she can sing; it’s that you put her on a stage and she goes for it, sings her heart out and no looking back.

I remember her throwing her head back to hit the slippery notes of the bridge, and the band leader afterward telling her that no one ever hits the bridge. I remember the admiration in his voice and the way he shook her hand, as though she was slightly unreal. No one ever hits that bridge. Except Rose. Every time.

Thank you for joining twenty-four, Rose! Congratulations on the run of your fantastic show!

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  1. SaraEileen.Com » Not so secret heroes says:

    [...] Rose Ginsberg took her experience as a director and turned it toward interviews, coaxing each of us to speak freely and generating so much amazing content about trust. Her work was very much the capstone on the entire magazine, tying all of us together through a single theme and focus. And she was also incredibly kind in her offer of transcription, which was one of the ways in which we managed to put out 60 (60!) pages of content in a single day. As another contributor said to me, “Rose is the unsung hero of our revolution.” [...]


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