Interior Design Musings, A Photo Essay. With Ponies.

Before I post this, let me take a moment to invite everyone to dance with me on the Internet in sheer joy, as marriage equality passes in New York!

In August Zac and I are going to move in together. When Zac and I started dating, I wrote him a love letter that I never published, and never showed him. (This is the first he’ll hear of it.) In that letter, I said that the biggest problem I could anticipate for us was fighting over what colors we would someday paint the walls of the house we would build together.

Zac and I are both object-obsessed. We are both chaotic, creative, exacting visual thinkers. We live comfortably in clutter and lovingly craft new pieces to fill the corners of our lives. And in that we are well-matched; we will have a comfortable, warm and overflowing home.

But then, we have a problem with color. Is it a problem, really? Perhaps an amusing happenstance. Perhaps we will easily reach some middle ground and you will never hear of this again. Zac said last week when he was here that he wants to keep our new walls white. White walls make my fingers itch. We’ll see.

I promised photos. Here are some photos of my visual sensibility.

And here are some photos I took that feel close to Zac’s visual sensibility:

Because I continue to heart many silly Internet memes with the open adoration of a five-year-old child, allow me to further illustrate this point with ponies:

This is Zac:

And this is me:


As you can see, all we really share is taste in shoes. But at least we love one another.

It’s going to be an interesting August.


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4 Responses to Interior Design Musings, A Photo Essay. With Ponies.

  1. Robin HitchDied says:

    Sorry to side-step the point of this lovely post, but PONIES!!1!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love the picture of you two in the last image about Zac’s sensibilities.

    Also? It seems you might find a common ground in a nice amber/burnt orange :) (This was a fascinating post)

  3. Mistress160 says:

    Sitting in a quiet corner of an Oz university library catching up on your blog I spot the two ponies and snort with delight and laughter so loud I get a glare from a librarian. Lovely work *grin*


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